60 Cock Sucking

Eddie and Toby are a couple of straight buddies who are working together on a moving job. They show up at the job and there's no one home. They're supposed to be moving a water bed, but the bed hasn't been emptied. They jump on the bed to try and force the water out through the hose more quickly. But then they realize they're getting dirt all over the bed, so they strip out of their clothes. Lying back on the bed in their underwear, Eddie remarks about Toby's stiffy in his underwear. He reaches over and grabs it and when Toby doesn't protest, Eddie starts sucking his buddy's cock. Eddie's own cock starts hardening up, so he gets on his knees and Toby blows his buddy. Eddie has a great cock, it's really fat. Eddie straddles his buddy and the two guys fall into a 69 cock sucking session. They suck one another's dicks for a long time until Toby is ready to shoot. He kneels over his buddy, holds his head, and blasts off all over his face. It's an amazing cum shot with Toby shooting a stream of cum right over Eddie's shoulder, landing all the way across the other side of the bed. The rest of Toby's load squirts all over Eddie's face. And then, Eddie returns the favour, dumping his load all over Toby's face.



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