I love 69 cock sucking. Unfortunately I'm not very good at when I'm on the top. I have trouble doing more than a couple of things at the same time. I seem to have trouble synchronizing my mouth and my hips to move in different rhythms. So I do better in 69ing when I'm on the bottom. I can focus on giving the top guy the best blowjob of his life. But to be on the bottom of a 69 cock sucking scene, you need to have no gag reflex. You've got to be able to swallow a guy's cock any way he wants to stuff it down your throat. These two studs are Michael and Jherrard and they're the latest to appear on Jake Cruise. Michael is on the bottom in this scene and that's just as well because he's got a big cock with a super fat cock head. With Michael on the bottom, it gives Jherrard a fighting chance to swallow that big bone. Jherrard is no slouch either, but his cock is much more manageable plunging down Michael's throat. In the end, Michael ends up showing Jherrard how good his big cock feels -- Jherrad gets on his knees and takes Michael's huge cock up his tight butt hole.

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