Circle Jerk

It's always interesting to me how you can convince five straight guys to get naked together, get their cocks hard, and jack off within close proximity to one another. This is the first circle jerk shot for Bang Bang Boys, and if you read the profiles of the guys, they're all straight. Actually, I've spoken to the site's producer and most of the guys who appear on the site are straight. He's got to be pretty clever to get these guys to do some of the things they do. Like if he says "bend over and show me your butt hole," they won't; but if he says "bend over and show me how strong your legs are," they'll do that.

This time around Bang Bang Boys has put together Kaio, Roney, Leo, and newcomers Brian and Marc. Two guys with 9-inch cocks and three guys with 8-inch cocks. That's a lot of meat. The guys are naked and hanging around a dipping pool. They're sitting on the edge of the pool and jacking their cocks and getting them hard. Some of the new guys are little shy at first, but after a few minutes they got use to it. Once the guys are comfortable, they move inside to the bedroom. Things are a little more closed-quarters and the guys can't help but being near one another. One after another these five well-muscled Brazilian studs shoot their loads all over the bed. Each guy takes his moment in front of the camera, some of them making very little noise, and others making a great deal of noise.

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