5 Star Man

5 Star Man is sort of The Ultimate in swimming gear and underwear sites. This one is dedicated entirely to the beauty of the most sumptuous male bodies, chiseled, sculpted and perfected into the breath-taking models who grace these pages like absolute Adonii. There are simply no "imperfect men" to be found here, and it makes for an incredibly rousing visit. Abs galore, like corduroy roads leading our libidos to pleasure and gorgeous secrets lead us to a page-turning festival of a crazy perfection of what male bodies really and truly can be, at their finest and most-toned peak. Yes, this is yet another of those "You can look but not touch" sorts of sites, but it does not occur in a vacuum. Many very popular sites feature much the same material. But this one seems so utterly devoted to the task of delivering Wallpaper-worthy men, posed in pleasingly stressful and semi-stressful poses, muscles rippling, abs like geological masterpieces.....I could go on and on. There is beefcake by the ton here, all flavorful and served up direct and pleasingly bare. As an underwear or swim suit site, I am sure it sells products. As an ogling site, you dam betcha it serves that purpose well indeed.

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