GWIP_003.jpg, the site that doesn't so much say 'F you' to Android and its users as it says 'Lick me' to the hot stable of image takers who post their pics regularly on the well-known site. Now, in honor of a certain milestone, GWiPs is giving away an iPod for the man who submits the 50,000th image. Moreover, on each day of the giveaway leading up to this 50K milestone in GWiP history, someone will win an iPod Shuffle. Moreover-er, win or lose, you still get to look at what seems a like a special intergalactic species of good looking men. (example courtesy of

Another winner very much a part of this contest is GWip itself. Not only have they given iPhone users another reason to celebrate these last few years, but they've successfully crafted an image associated with a highly targeted demographic - iPhone users - to help cross-promote their site. That's not to say someone else wouldn't have jumped on the idea, but they did. And, weirdly, you don't see any Android-based challengers.

Uh, hello?

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