4 Thugs Ruin Bobby's Saturday Night 4 Thugs Ruin Bobby's Saturday Night

Bobby finds himself cornered by four thugs in the restroom at the club in this final chapter at Clothed Male Nude Male. With the music blaring out in the main bar, no one can hear Bobby's cries for help. These nasty lads strip him naked and pin him against the wall. They taunt and humiliate him, calling him names and slapping his nude body.

But they're just getting started. They tug on his heavy-hanging cock, twist his nipples, and finger his tight, puckered hole. But Bobby still doesn't seem to be getting it and he's mouthing off and calling his tormentors names. This only gets them more riled up, and one after another they slide their fingers inside his hole.

While a couple of the guys keep Bobby pinned to the wall, another yanks his cock. And it's not long before Bobby's hard-on betrays him and erupts into the guy's hand. He had been saving that load of jizz for some lucky girl, now this dude rubs it all over Bobby's face. And as a final humiliation, Bobby has to lick this thug's fingers clean.

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