Gay fucking using condoms

I was wandering the internet looking for hard-hitting gossip and porn news last night (well, all right - I was looking for gay porn, but don't tell anyone!) when I came across some interesting claims.

You are probably already aware of Nextdoor Studios. Yes, those fine folks who bring us sites featuring gay and bisexual jocks like Nextdoor Buddies, Cody Cummings, Nextdoor Male and Austin Wilde, to name a few. I was reading and watching and I ran across their "About Us" page, and I realized I had never been there, so I clicked and started reading.

Their first few claims were about what you'd expect - in business since 2002, number of websites (12), number of DVD's produced. Then we got to the next one - number of scenes produced per year, which is 250. Think of it. 250 scenes all ending in cumloads. And most of them have 2 guys or even 3, so let's average that at 500 loads of jizz. That means that Nextdoor Studios is responsible for almost 10 moneyshots per WEEK. But wait - there's more!

They said they've filmed 1,000 scenes total, and 3,500 inches of cock. But wait a minute... that averages out to only 3 and a half inches per guy. That can't be right! I've seen Tommy D's cock, and it's a lot longer than 3 1/2 inches. Luckily they mention that they've filmed 500 guys, which means 7 inches per jock - that's better! But my favorite claim was that they've used over 4,000 condoms. Four THOUSAND condoms. Think of all those rubber-covered cocks pushing their way into thousands of holes!

Staggering, isn't it?

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