Ah, I can't get enough of those porn first-timers - and neither can Buzz West. Meet Brady and Vince, two straight guys Buzz found who both needed money and decided they'd try sex with another guy. You can see in the first pic that they're both a little nervous and uncomfortable with close contact with another guy - even while they still had their pants on. Look at those sheepish grins! Vince kept kidding around, doing impressions, but hard dicks don't lie...

Once their clothes come off, Vince and Brady get serious. Buzz catches every second as the guys look at each other and touch each other, knowing what is coming next.


The guys spend a long time on foreplay, working up their nerve, and Vince is so horny that he almost shoots his load when Brady goes down on him.


Looks like a day of firsts. First time touching a guy sexually, first time sucking a guy, first time fucking and being fucked by another guy. And of course, it's their first time in front of a camera for a porn shoot.


Buzz West sure knows his stuff when it comes to putting new guys together, because this is one hot shoot!

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