What a group this is for twink lovers! Jizz Addiction put together a 4some featuring tops Zack Randall and Jeremiah Johnson with bottom boys Shane Allen and Phillip and let nature take its course. At first the guys just messed around a little, but before long the clothes started to fly. Next thing ya know, all 4 of these horny guys are naked on the bed together and getting pretty serious. Soon there are 4 erect cocks and the guys are sucking each others' meat, kissing and playing with each other. All of them are horny as hell!

Shane and Phillip are eager to get those rock-hard dicks shoved deep into their tight holes, and Jeremiah and Zack don't make them wait - each bends one of the bottoms over and fucks him hard!


After some good hard ass-pounding, Jeremiah and Zack are both ready to blow their loads all over Phillip and Shane - first one, then the other. First one pulls out and shoots hot jizz all over...


And then the other bottom boy gets drenched by a geyser of jizz that he makes sure to catch. It drips all over his face, his head and he even catches some of the thick juice in his mouth!


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