Daniel just turned 21. He's from Prague and is an economy major in college. Daniel's got a real he-man body and I love his blond hair and innocent boyish smile. Between his muscles and his hard uncut cock, Daniel is absolutely mouth-watering. Like all guys his age, he's also got one hell of a libido, and he says he's always horny and always thinking about sex, so it's no wonder that Sweet Adonis got him to do a shoot for them. Daniel thought doing a shoot was a great idea - in fact, he couldn't wait to get his clothes off for the camera!

At first, Daniel was a little shy in front of the camera, and maybe a little bit embarrassed. But that only lasted a few minutes, and then he began to have fun.


Once Daniel was relaxed, he enjoyed showing off that sweet body of his. He especially liked showing off that firm, squeezable ass of his. Doesn't it make you wish you were a photographer?


Daniel says he loves to fuck and is a passionate top, and he has the number one requirement to be a good top - his cock gets hard and it stays hard till he's done!


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