• "Excuse Me, Can You Help Me? I'm Lost."

    "Excuse Me, Can You Help Me? I'm Lost."

    When Czech Hunter runs into this handsome, dark-haired guy on the road, he plays lost and asks for help. Oh yes, the damsel-in-distress ploy, it works every time. I've used it many times myself. But unlike this lad, I've never been offered a wad of cash to touch a guy's dick. He gets even more money to put this guy's beautiful cock in his mouth. (I would have done it for free.) And they finally head back to CH's hotel so he can entice the guy into sitting on his dick. For more money of course, but ... 

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  • "Daddy's Boy"

    "Daddy's Boy"

    Allen Lucas and Roman Todd have been secretly living together as room mates. Roman's father is paying the rent and will cut him off if he finds out his son is gay and living with his lover. But Lucas is tired of the charade. One afternoon when Roman's father comes to visit, Allen has it out with his boyfriend, "Fuck me right now, here in the kitchen, or I'm going out there and telling your Dad." What choice does Roman have?

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  • "Hungry Bottom Gym Fuck"

    "Hungry Bottom Gym Fuck"

    Have you ever wanted to grab your trainer's cock right there in the gym? Milan Gamiani does exactly that. While doing dumbbell curls he squeezes Trey's bulge with his free hand. And that's it, the workout is over. The pair swap blowjobs, then Milan leans over the workout bench. Trey's dick isn't rock hard, so he squeezes it at the base and pushes that fat fucker into Milan's pucker. It's tough going, but he gets it in and pumps until it stiffens up. After Milian is finished milking Trey's dick he surprises his trainer and bends him over for his turn.

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  • Flashback: Time to Time Travel

    Flashback: Time to Time Travel

    Yep, and while you're back in time paying these hustlers/physique models $10 for the privilege of blowing them, make sure to pick up some mid-century modern furniture and decorative objects so you have something to show for it beyond an ejaculated-upon face.

    So do guys you've only seen in black and white photos ejaculate exclusively in black and white? Moan in black and white? Be sort of homosexual in black and white? I sort of hope so.

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  • Lucas Entertainment Jumps into the Fauxcest Craze with "Raw DILFS"

    Lucas Entertainment Jumps into the Fauxcest Craze with "Raw DILFS"

    Hans Berlin walks in on his step son in the middle of a jack-off session, although Lee Santino pulls the covers over himself just in time. Berlin balls out Lee for not doing his chores. "What have you been doing?" Berlin says, grabbing Lee's cell phone. "Oh, this is what you like? Two dudes sucking each other off?" Santino says that he's been curious. "You're not going to tell Mom are you? She doesn't know." Hans grabs Lee's hand and puts his step son's hand on his crotch. "Maybe we could be curious together," he says, "and we won't tell Mom."

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  • Marine With Bushy Pubes Jacks Off On Mirror

    Marine With Bushy Pubes Jacks Off On Mirror

    Jared is a 21-year-old Marine who hails from the state of Texas. He's tall with long legs and a nicely-defined body. (Fun fact: Jared competed in bull riding at rodeos throughout high school.) He strips seductively, then pleasures himself in front of the mirror in the bedroom. When Jared gets close, he leans against the wall and aims his hard-on at the mirror and soaks it. What a load! By the way, if you like hairy pubes, Jared's will drive you wild.

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  • Public Exposure: Dick and Ass

    Public Exposure: Dick and Ass

    Sometimes you just want the basics in life. Dick and ass. Faces are okay too if the face says things like "Look at my dick. Look at my ass." Not many arguments start among willing folks when a conversation starts with that. 

    "Marry me" would be the more likely response. 

    Now I find it hilarious that the obscene gym outfit guy is covering his face while his blatant bulge makes its presence known. White spandex is normally obscene enough, but the, how to put it, stitching of the garment in the crotch region takes it over the top. 

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  • Sean Ford Screws Zach Taylor in Pillow Biter

    Sean Ford Screws Zach Taylor in Pillow Biter

    The fourth episode of football fantasy Tight Ends sees Sean Ford sliding his dick into Zach Taylor's tight end. Kissing, dick sucking, rimming, and even a little spanking, these horny sportsmen really burn off some steam after a game. Sean screws Zach doggy style and he's drilling so hard Zach actually bites his pillow. But he still begs for more. And he gets it, he gets a butt full of jizz too.

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  • Active Duty: Ricardo Trujillo

    Active Duty: Ricardo Trujillo

    Ricardo Trujillo is very tall, standing 6'3" and weighing 150 pounds, and his dick is so big that he has to stroke it with both hands. Can you imagine waking up in the barracks every morning and watching Ricardo soaping up that monster in the shower? Where do I sign up?

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  • Chase Acland Fucks Reid Thrasher

    Chase Acland Fucks Reid Thrasher

    I have to admit that I've been a little obsessed with Reid Thrasher and Chase Acland ever since I learned that they live in my hometown of Toronto. (Reid is the otter with the short Mohawk and Chase is the ginger.) I've been watching for them as I run around the Village, not in a stalker way, I just want to say hello and tell them I love their scenes. But I haven't caught sight of them yet.

    And here they are teasing me in a brand new scene at Bareback Cum Pigs. After a horny blowjob session, Chase slides his big dick inside Reid and fucks him silly. Who knew a bottom could get so sweaty just getting screwed. 

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