Connor is FratMen's latest find. He's from the Virgin Islands and is currently majorning in Culinary Arts at a southern university. He usually spends his summers working as a deck hand on his dad's boat, but it appears that Connor has found a new way to make some spending money - getting naked for FratMen! This absolutely gorgeous 19 year old has washboard abs, dark bedroom eyes, a boyish look and a 9 inch cock. Yes, you read that right - Connor sports a genuine 9 inch piece of meat between his legs that contrasts well with his innocent looks.

In addition to Connor's massive endowment, he also has a 1000 watt smile that can light up a any room and is so sincere that you've pretty much got to smile back.


Here's Connor's cock at the beginning of the shoot. It's not fully hard, but it's already bigger than an average cock. And this is only for starters - Connor is a shower AND a goer - hard or soft, his rod is always huge.


And here's Connor's cock at full mast - every swollen inch of it. This is the kind of schlong that size queens crave and the rest of us fantasize about And yes, it really IS 9 inches - 9 rock-hard, throbbing inches!


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