Meaty Cock

Either the guys in gay porn are getting younger, or I'm getting older. The funny thing is that all through my twenties and thirties I was into older men; but now that I'm pushing - well, let's just say "a certain age " - I'm finding my taste is men getting younger. Ryan from Southern Strokes is a prime example of how much taste in men has changed. He's 19 years old and packing a nice, tight and well-defined body. And he's completely smooth except for a hint of a treasure trail crawling toward his navel. And while we're down there: what a beautiful meaty cock! Good lord, I could nurse on that all day; and given the horniness and always-readiness of young guys, that could be a very real possibility. And for a straight guy, Ryan really knows how to get us hot: sliding his finger inside his pink butt hole, Ryan fucked his rosebud and jacked off, spewing a huge load across those six-pack abs!

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