18 and straight

There are two kinds of porn shoots: the ones you schedule and the ones that just happen - or fall into your lap. Keegan is of the latter kind. This 18-year-old cutie showed up at Southern Strokes with a buddy of his. Keegan went along to protect his buddy, who was actually going to be jerking off on video. I'm not sure what Keegan thought he was going to happen to his friend without protection. People have some weird ideas about what goes on at porn shoots; they also have some off-beat ideas about the people who work in this business.

Once Keegan's buddy was off doing his jerk-off session, Keegan was left alone in the model lounge with one of the other producers. And the truth is that Keegan wasn't there to protect his friend at all - he was hoping to be asked to do a shoot as well. When Keegan's turn arrived, he couldn't wait to get naked. His 18-year-old body is hot and toned. And he's completely smooth, even keeping his pubes neatly trimmed; all the better to see his big, thick cock. His dick a good eight inches long, but it looks a lot bigger on his small toned frame. Keegan poured lube all over his body and started stroking his cock. He lied back in a lounge chair and shot a creamy load all over his smooth six-pack abs. I sure hope Southern Strokes will be able to get him back for more.

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