13-Inch Cock

Wow! What a cock! Now I know that a lot of sites talk about guys having a 13-inch cock, but this guy really does. And man it's a whopper. But I always wonder about guys with monster cocks like this. In my travels as a gay man over the last 25 years of having sex, I've noticed that a lot of gay men just can't suck cock. A lot can, but I've gotten many more lousy blowjobs than good ones. And I don't have a big cock, so if gay men can't suck an average-sized cock, what the hell are they going to do with 13 inches? And that must be horribly frustrating for Gift, that's the name of the owner of this 13-inch cock. On the one hand he probably has guys falling all over themselves to get close-up and personal with his 13-inch cock, but on the other, how many can actually do anything with it? Still, if you'd like to marvel at this piece of meat and see how big it gets, Gift has just joined the ranks of UK Naked Men. And if you like uncut cocks as well, you're in luck because Gift has a nice piece of foreskin.

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