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Matt is one of Blake Mason's more popular guys, and with an 11.5-inch cock, you can see why. UK Naked Men doesn't ordinarily shoot straight guys -- there are more than enough gay men willing to take off their clothes, thank you -- but when faced with the prospect of filming an 11.5-inch cock, they changed their tune a little bit. Besides, just how straight is a guy when he's had a hard dick up his ass -- on camera! Matt starts off his UK Naked Men shoot wearing a suit. And it's not long before he fishes his slab of meat out of the fly of his trousers. When he stands up to slide out of his trousers, his huge cock just hangs there. It's a deliciously long and fat piece of meat, and with the tip still covered in foreskin I'm salivating pretty good here. Who wouldn't love the chance to see how far they could slide Matt's dick down their throat? I know I could think of more than a couple of things I'd like to try with a dick like that. I might be walking funny for a couple of days, but I'm sure it'd be worth it. You'll have to check it out for yourself and see how far you'd be willing to go.

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