It was just a few weeks ago that straight guy Nathan was jerking off in his first-ever shoot. Now Blake Mason is bringing him back, and decided to break him in with the biggest cock that ever appeared on the site. That's right - they're hooking Nathan up with Matt, the proud owner of a gigantic 11 and a half inch monster cock! But Nathan is undaunted. He can hardly get his mouth around Matt's huge monster pole, so he starts off easy by wrapping one hand around this mammoth meat missile while he strokes it with the other.

Of course, you don't just pull out a massive dick like that at a newbie. Matt and Nathan start out by touching and licking each others' bodies as they slowly undressed each other.


Nathan is a very happy man to get such prized meat sliding in out of his tight ass. At first, it's a bit of a stretch but once Nathan relaxes, he lets Matt's meat fill his ass and drive him wild.


When Matt is brought to the edge by slamming his massive rod deep into Nathan's tight hole, he pulls out and shoots a load of cum so hard that most of it actually flies over Nathan's face - but Nathan catches enough to make him a happy man!


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