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I love house/dance music superstar Crystal Waters and her megahit 100% Pure Smooth Cock Love. "Back to the middle and around again. I'm gonna be there 'til the end. 100& pure smoooth cock love..." Disclaimer: I may have added the "smooth cock" part. But are you ever going to be offended by someone adding smooth cock? Uh, yes, some of you are. And you have the Scruff profiles to prove it in all their "ungroomed pubes only" or "natural pubes only" or "no shaved cocks" glory.

So I get it. Smooth cocks aren't everyone's cup of balls. Or cup of tea. Or cup of tea balls. Though tea balls are awesome for making loose tea. And loose balls are awesome in your mouth.

The way I see it, smooth cock and balls mean more cock and balls to love (more visual and skin-to-skin access). And the bonus of no nose tickling. Of course, pubes have an evolutionary purpose. But so do trimmers and razors and yes, manzilians. I think razors evolved from dinosaurs or something. Being freshly shaved makes the skin come alive. And lets a guy go all the way to the base without having to floss after.

This really shouldn't be a controversial topic, but I think it is for some people because of the association of gender and body hair. And if you haven't noticed, masculine (or at least acting masculine) appears to be very in right now. Just remember lots of masculine body builders and swimmers and probably even constructions workers are smooth there. And so are lots of feminine body builders and swimmers and construction workers. Ha! Really it's all about aesthetic and tactile preferences, and one hopes the preferences of the two (or more) folks match up.

And by matching up, that could mean a couple where one is smooth and the other hairy if each is into the other. And some folks are pube neutral. So if someone expresses a preference they'll do it, but maybe stop shy of shaving and instead go with a really close trim. Just be careful down there, fellas!

Where do you stand in the smooth vs. hairy cock battles? Maybe right in the middle with smooth and hairy cocks all around you? Now that sounds like an epically fun battle.

P.S. Get some deets on manscaping if you want 'em. Maybe there's some guys out there who are totally into smooth guys and you can lure them in. With your smooth personality. And junk.

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