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Ryan Raz made quite an impact on Circle Jerk Boys and the members have been screaming for more. So the site invited him back and paired him up with a tall, small-town, Texan boy. Dallas Reeves has appeared on Extra Big Dicks, but this is his first time playing on Circle Jerk Boys. Ryan looks like he could be featured in an Abercrombie & Fitch ad and he says he's attracted to dorky, innocent-looking boys. "They're never as innocent as they seem", he grins. Ryan isn't all that innocent either. He's wearing a shirt that says "100% Straight ... But We're Working On It," but it looks like that shirt is just making a fashion statement. When Dallas peels down to his underwear, Ryan is on his knees, rubbing his face in Dallas's crotch. That's not 100% straight! The two guys swap blowjobs and even 69. But things really fire up when Ryan hoists his legs as Dallas crawls on top of him. The younger, leaner guy gives Ryan's ass a taste of stiff cock before the two horny guys jack off together. And this hot ass fucking session proves the old adage - you can't believe everything you read!

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